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Do you remember wartime in Kent? Are you interested in wartime Kent? We are running a memory project about WWII  Childhoods in Kent and need three sorts of volunteers to help. Could it be you?!

Firstly, we are looking to interview people who grew up in the towns of Dover, Folkestone, Margate
and Ramsgate during WWII 1939-45.

We are also looking for some young people (aged 14yrs + no fixed upper age limit) from each of
the following towns: Dover, Folkestone, Margate and Ramsgate, to assist us with making a
visual record for this project.
This record will be in the form of photographing and filming local sites which played a part in
the WWII memories of our older volunteers.

Finally, we are looking for people, again from each of the four towns, to transcribe our interviews.

What skills do you need to help?

For interviewees, all that is required is a willingness to share your memories.

For making visual records, no skills are required as a half day training course will be
offered, although an interest in history and a willingness to listen would be helpful.

For transcribing the interviews,  training will be given.